ChatOmegle: An Omegle Alternative

ChatOmegle is a new random chat site that now has over 50,000 users online and more girls than most roulette sites out there. We provide fast connections and our service is free to use. You can meet people from all over the world on this site with one click of your mouse. With so many users online you will never see the same person twice. This is a great site to meet new friends, find romance or just having a wild time using your cam to talk to strangers.

To use this Omegle alternative you just need to follow two steps: first press the "start" button and the enable access to your webcam when prompted, that's it! We made sure to make it as simple as possible for our users to connect with strangers for random chat so you don't have to worry about how to use the site and instead focus on having fun.

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ChatOmegle Features

Some of the features we offer include the ability to expand your partner's webcam, high definition webcam connections, blazing fast connections and many more features. We are also adding new features to the site all the time so check back often because we are constantly improving Chat Omegle so our users can have even more fun than they do now.

We are sure once you try the site you will be back regularly because of the amount of fun and excitement that ChatOmegle brings our users. So what are you waiting for? Press "start" and begin having hours of nonstop fun on our webcam chat!

Webcam Chat Like Omegle with More Girls

Girls really do use sites like Chatroulette and Omegle, you just need to know how to find them. Obviously, many more males use these video chat sites than girls, but that doesn’t mean no girls are online. We make it as simple as possible in order for you to find them by creating a Girls Only section.

When opening up our Girls Only section, you will get to Omegle chat with only girls. No boys will pop up on your screen and you will never have to run into male genitalia ever again. Whether you want to have a quick flirt or even if you want to enjoy a virtual fling, this girls section makes it as easy as humanly possible to hook up on the internet.

Top Reasons to Use Omegle Chat Sites

With over 50,000 users online at any given moment, some people tend to wonder what all of these people are doing online. Well, there are many reasons why people enjoy using ChatOmegle as well as all of the other Omegle alternatives. Some people enjoy searching for love on the internet, others enjoy sharing a laugh while pranking complete strangers and some just like to socialize with people they have never met before. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why people use sites like Chat Omegle.

Dealing With Omegle Bans

getting banned on Omegle

Many people have reported getting banned on Omegle chat sites. This can happen for a large number of reasons. First of all, you must always start off by taking a look at the rules page when using a video chat site. Every chat site has their own set of rules, so it’s important that you know the rules for every site that you visit. This will allow you to avoid getting banned in the first place.

Once you have read the rules, it’s important to respect them. Most people who end up getting banned from Omegle chat sites get banned because they disrespected the rules. For instance, most people who get banned from Omegle is because they got naked on webcam and that wasn’t permitted or they bullied others. Even asking others for information and pressuring them to give you their information can cause you to get banned from the site.

If you have been banned, there are ways to get unbanned from Omegle chat sites. First you can begin by waiting a few minutes and trying to refresh the page. Most of the time, the first time you get banned is only for a short duration. However, if you are still banned after a few minutes, try disconnecting your internet modem and waiting 10 seconds before plugging it back in. This should give you a new IP address and unban you.

If the above doesn’t work, you should definitely consider contacting the Omegle chat site. This will allow you to ask them to directly unban your IP address. Sometimes they ban your actual account, in which case you will have no choice but to send a unban request. Be patient with this process as it could take a few days for the support team to respond to your demand.

Using a proxy server can become your final option. This will allow you to fool the Omegle chat site into thinking that you are a different computer altogether. However, we recommend that you use this as a temporary solution while waiting for the support team to answer your request to get unbanned. If you are unsure of which proxy server to use, you can Google the term "proxy server".

Why Your Webcam Doesn’t Work

When opening up Omegle Chat, you may notice that your webcam doesn’t work at times. Maybe this problem occurs every time you open the site. There is no reason to worry about this issue because it’s easy to fix and it only takes a matter of minutes to resolve the webcam issue.

The first thing to make sure of is that you press on the “allow” button when opening up Omegle Chat. If you don’t press “allow” you will basically be refusing to show your webcam on the internet. Although this webcam problem seems to simple to be true, more than 75% of the time, this is the issue why webcams don’t work.

If you have accidently pressed on the “deny” button, you will need to resolve this problem by right clicking on your webcam screen near the bottom left side of the screen. After right clicking on the webcam screen, press on the “settings” button and then you will be given options to allow your webcam. Make sure to check out all of the settings tabs in order to make sure that you have allowed access to the correct webcam.

Another common problem is related with Flash Player that is not up to date. Make sure that you always have the latest Flash Player version and that you update it regularly. This will allow you to display your own webcam and view the webcams of other users as well.

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What Makes ChatOmegle Different

ChatOmegle is a video chat sharing website where you can display your webcam to strangers all over the globe. So what makes it different from any other Chatroulette or Omegle website? Many things make ChatOmegle unique and different. To start things off, this is an adult only chat site. That basically means that you will never get banned from this chat site for things such as nudity or vulgar language. This is a huge plus because rather than spending most of your time trying to get unbanned from Omegle, you can actually spend more time getting to know the random strangers on this site.

Another fact that makes this website different is that it’s 100% free. Some random chat sites require you to make accounts, pay a monthly fee or even tip the models for better entertainment. ChatOmegle is 100% free and will always remain that way.

This site lets you choose to speak with people from specific countries. If you only want to talk with Italians, you don’t have to speak with anyone else. If you wish to only meet people from USA, you can easily choose USA in the country dropdown menu and only view people from that country. This feature makes it easy for you to connect with people who live nearby and who speak your language. It’s also excellent for learning to speak a new language with people from different countries.

Only view people who have their webcams enabled in order to save time and to have a much better experience. By clicking on the checkbox next to the small webcam icon, you will only be shown people who have enabled their webcams. This prevents you from seeing people who have black screens. Last but not least, you can easily meet girls online by clicking on the “girls” button. When clicking on this you will only be shown girls on the internet; you won’t have to run into any boys online.

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